Wisialko wins first legends race

Albert Wisialko took his first career win in Legends, working the right choice while approaching lapped traffic. Wisialko and TJ Thompson were dueling over the lead on lap 18 of the 25-lap feature, when they encountered John Bellucci as they entered lap four. As they pulled along behind, entering turn four, Thompson wavered in his decision on how to go around the lapped vehicle. Wisialko decided and dived for the bottom of the track. Thompson seemed to make a move to go around on the high side, then saw the room that Wisialko had left and turned down. He nearly collided with Bellucci and wavered getting underneath. This was all Wisialko needed to hammer down and pull into the lead on his own. Thompson pursued, with the field of Chris Robbins, Andrew Carpenter and Jesse Jakubajtys following.

1) Al Wisialko 2) TJ Thompson 3) Chris Robbins 4) Andy Carpenter 5) Jesse Jakubajtys 6) Curt Snow 7) John Bellucci 8) Nick Lascoula 9) Joe Putnam 10) Joey Parker 11) Matt Carpenter

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