Radical Rick Martin goes back to back!

Rick Martin hustled from the Pro Stock to the Sport Truck and roared out to join the queue waiting for the start just before the field rolled to begin the Sport Trucks 25-lap feature. The hustle got him ready to do the same on track and he hustled to the front with ten to go, then held off persistent Mike Cavallaro for his second win in as many weeks. Martin and Cavallaro had arrived in the leader zone in unison and Cavallaro made one pass over the stripe in front before Martin took over on lap 15.

Dan Leach had led the first fifteen in dominant fashion, able to come away from several restarts quickly and take the front. But on a lap 13 restart, he had Cavallaro at his back with Martin on Mike’s bumper. Daryl Church fell back from the outside pole making the trio 1-2-3 through the lap and then Cavallaro went to the outside. Leach, going for his first win, moved up to fend him off and Martin, ever the opportunist, leapt in underneath. He was through so quickly he left Leach and Cavallaro still door-to-door and they continued to race until Mike eased him back to third. Scott Dion and Chase Belcher moved in behind them for fourth and fifth.

Cavallaro was able to drop Leach to third, and then Dion moved past with less than 5 remaining, leaving Leach to hold off Belcher for fourth.

1) Rick Martin 2) Mike Cavallaro 3) Scott Dion 4) Dan Leach 5) Chase Belcher 6) Anna Gregoire 7) Casey Sanchez 8) Brandon Dion 9) Nick Uhrig 10) Rob Murphy 11) Dave Haywood 12) John Paiva 13) Lenny Guy 14) Bill Schoeler 15) Rob Rainville 16) Mike Duarte 17) Jamie Salley 18) Jim Hawkins19) Russ Borges 20) Joey Wakefield 21) Daryl Church 22) Barry Shaw Jr DNS) Bill Clarke DNS) Nick Lascoula

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