Gerry Degasparre, Jr. took another win on the season to further strengthen his lead in the late models division, holding off late challenges by Charlie Rose and Dillon Moltz, who were forced, instead, to duel each other to the finish.  DeGasparre had arrived at the front on lap 14, depriving Rose of the lead he had wrested from Ryan Lineham just two laps earlier.  Rose was to pursue him to the finish line.

DeGasparre’s path to the front was from the outside of the second row as Lineham held the pole and Scott Dion the outside.  Mark Hudson, starting inside DeGasparre on the second row was bumped on the start and spun, bringing a full-race restart.  DeGasparre moved to the inside and Jeramee Lillie to the outside.  But Hudson looped again down the frontstretch at the start and Bill Bernard limped to the pits with right side damage.

They were away on the third try with Lineham claiming the front and Degasparre grabbing second.  Rose was followed by The Hammer, who remained in the top four for the entire feature.  They formed a tight line which remained together until a lap 10 caution brought about by Bobby Pelland III’s spin at the stripe.

DeGasparre took the lead down the backstretch after the restart.  Lineham checked up causing a ripple in the field behind him.  Pelland was caught up and had his nose crused in a collision.   He returned after repairs in the pits.

Lineham had the pole for the restart, and DeGasparre rubbed noses with him as they came out of the box door-to-door and DeGasparre took over the front out of turn two.  Rose got underneath into second and Lillie Hammered into third.

Bernard and Hudson were together in lap 14, with Dave Hutchins, Jr. getting collected as well as Scott Dion.  Bernard and Pelland made for the pits.  Out of the box, Rose and DeGasparre traded the lead, with DeGasparre gaining it back two laps down the road.  By lap 18, Lillie and Lineham were door to door behind them and Moltz outside Dylan Estrella.  But Lineham and Estrella made contact, putting Estrella into a spin with Hutch collected.

DeGasparre and Rose faced off again with Lillie and Lineham behind them.  Gerry again won the drag race down the front as Lineham tried under The Hammer and they went door to door.  Moltz was moving up from fifth and got by, now to challenge Rose for second.  Into lap 23, they were hubcap-to-hubcap as DeGasparre rolled away to an 8-car lead.  Rose held second as Moltz fell to his bumper for pursuit.  Lillie, Lineham and Dion were in pursuit.

DeGasparre held his lead but the issue of second wasn’t decided until the checkers as Rose, Moltz and Lillie debated the issue to the last inch.  Moltz got under Rose and they traded the edge for several laps before  Rose claimed second at the line by .051 seconds.  Lillie was in for fourth and Lineham claimed fifth.  Rounding out the top ten were:  Dion, Hutchins, Bernard, Estrella and Pelland.

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