Bob Bettencourt came up from his starting spot on the low side of the fifth row, moving in behind leader Austin Blais.  He had climbed past Crystal Serydynski on lap three, then Paul DeMoura on the next lap.  Steve Potter was the next victiom.  After a lap eight restart that rejuggled the field, Bettencourt was again pst DeMoura and Negley into third behind Pangelinan and Blais.

The race’s first caution restart came on lap eight.  It required two restarts, after Jeff Perry and Ron Barbosa, Jr. spun.  On the first restart, Ray Negley and Scott Serydynski came into turn two together and spun, collecting several cars.  In the two lap eight incidents, five cars were eliminated, including Serydynski, Barbosa, Paul Lallier, Gerard Berthelette and Daryl Perry.

On the green, Blais and Vincent Pangelinan held the front.  Bettencourt was low in the second row and drove in underneath as Blais powered ahead of Pangelinan.  Chris Demoura dipped under Pangelinan for third as Bettencourt went high and wide to get around Blais.  But Pangelinan dropped under DeMoura to wrest third back from him.  As Bettencourt went to work on Blais, Pangelinan suffered a power failure and coasted to a stop on the backstretch.

Blais and Bettencourt went door-to-door before Blais lost traction and spun in turn three.  The field scattered but several were collected, including DeMoura, Negley, Chris Rioux and Scott Bruneau, all of whom retired to the pits for quick repairs.  Bruneau returned minus a left front fender, while Pangelinan, Stephen Potter, Negley and Rioux remained in the pits for therest of the race.

Bettencourt faced off with points leader Rey Negley, taking the lead with Crystal Serydynski following under Lovelace on his bumper.  Serydynski and Lovelace were battling over four points which separated them coming into the event.  Crystal had already reduced the lead to two points by virtue of qualifying points and Lovelace did not want to yield any more.  However, as Bettencourt ran hard at the front, Crystal slipped into second on lap 19’s restart following a caution for debris in turn three.  She had the spot to herself on lap 21.

Bruneau seized the opportunity to come through underneath and steal yet another position from Lovelace, who finally was able to drop into the low groove in fourth.

With five laps remaining, DeMoura shouldered past Craig Pianka for fifth, establishing to top six finishers.  Bettencourt motored on with Crystal snapping at his heels and Bruneau looking for a pass into second.  The margin between Bettecnourt and Serydynski was .258; Bruneau was a half second back.

Rounding out the top ten were Michael Taschereau, Blais, Ed Gannon III and Randy Moretti.

Author: speedwayweb

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