Boudreau Powers the Sims Metal Management Car to Victory Lane

Tyler Boudreau worked his way to the front at the midpoint of the Sport Four feature and appeared headed for an easy victory until Devin Miranda popped out of the pack, about a straightaway back from the leader.  It seemed, despite Miranda immediately beginning to close the gap, Boudreau had the distance to carry him to victory lane.  But Lap sixteen saw David Westgate spun out of turn one onto the grass to bring out the caution.

Boudreau took the pole and the speedy Miranda the high side as Michael Glad and Shawn DeMello lined up behind them.  Miranda was edging ahead down the outside leaving turn two, but Boudreau came back through turn four and had the lead out of turn one of lap 17.  Glad was third.  He held Miranda outside and edged into second with DeMello on his tail, threatening to move Miranda back yet another spot.  But Miranda stuck well on the outside and held him off through the finish.  Glad took second, Miranda third, followed by DeMello and Henry Lavallee.

Miranda’s effort was all for nought as he picked up infractions during tech inspection which cost him his second place, and all competitors from third on back were elevated one position in the final finishing stats.

Westgate Had jumped off the outside past polesitter Kim Bickford to grab the lead at the outset.  Glad bounced up from fourth to second to begin the chase, while Westgate continued running high into the third groove.  By lap four, he had a four car lead over Glad as Boudreau came around into second.

Chris Testa nabbed third with David Gargara and Mirandaa on his tail.  DeMello was behind them, coming around high and fast.


Boudreau was up to Westgate’s bumper with Glad five cars back, ahead of Testa.  Miranda dived under Testa at the same time that Gargara went to the outside, creating a three-wide and they went door-to-door until Bob Henry lost his left front tire, bringing out the caution.

Westgate and Boudreau lined up again with Testa and Miranda behind them.  On the green, Boudreay pulled ahead  on the backstretch.  Westgate followed, Gargara held third and Miranda and Glad dueled for fourth.  Miranda escaped on the outside and passed Gargara into third behind Westgate.

As Boudreau moved away, Miranda went to the outside around Westgate and took over second to begin his pursuit of the leader.  It would be a long pursuit without a caution, which occurred on lap 16 with Bickford’s spin to the infield.  It would take three tries to get the field running again, as Tylar Nailor found the wall on the first restart and was retired by heavy front end damage.  They lined up once again and this time, Westgate suffered his spin.  On the third try, the race resumed with Miranda and Boudreau entering the duel which sent Boudreau to the checkers and Glad grabbing second over Miranda despite having to work up from the back of the pack early in the race.

Rounding out the top ten were Gil Bradstreet, Henry, Testa, Jason Enos II and Westgate.

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