Nick Lascola continued what seems to have become a weekly exercise for him:  coming from the latter echelons of the Legends field to surge to the front and win.  His ninth place start was quickly erased and he rambled on to a 2.34 second margin of victory over Joey Parker, the only competitor who seems able to stay near him.  Andrew Carpenter was another 4.64 back.  Al Wisialko and Chris Robbins rounded out the top five.

The race was only interrupted by a single caution, an early, lap two restart brought on when Tj Thompson went around crossing the stripe.  Lascola was already fifth at this juncture as Wisialko and Parker took to the front row with brothers Matthew and Andrew Carpenter at their backs.

Parker was away to the front as Lascola leapt to fourth on the green.  Two laps later, he was in third.  With the Carpenters behind him and Parker moving away at the front, Lascola took on Wisialko and lap five saw him underneath into second and looking ahead ten cars to Parker.

By lap six, Parker led by eight cars but Lascola was closing the gap.  Wisialko, Matthew and then Andrew Carpenter were followed by Chris Robbins.  He was getting trouble from Thompson who had made a rapid return from the tail-end start and Ricky White.

Andrew ducked under Wisialko on lap seven to nab third.  Parker’s lead was down to four cars a lap later and Lascola now put on a burst of speed to close to Parker’s bumper and was looking underneath on lap 9, but Parker was able to close the door down the backstretch.  However, Lascola made another run and came underneath out of turn four to take the lead.  Andrew was trying to close a long gap to Parker; Wisialko, Robbins and Thompson were in pursuit.  By lap 12, Lascola had stretched out a five-car lead and was lapping Joe Putnam on lap 14.

With ten to go in the 25-lap feature, the top four had been established and eyes turned to the battle going on for fifth place between Chris Robbins and Tj Thompson.  Thompson pulled out all the stops to secure fifth place, while Robbins was intent on denying him the spot.  As the top four rushed toward the checkers, the duo engaged in trench warfare over fifth position.

Despite all the smoke and fire, Robbins was able to hold Thompson off through the finish by two tenths of a second.  Matt Carpenter, Ricky White, Peter Channell and Curt Snow completed the top ten.

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