Hometown hero Todd Annarummo once again owned Seekonk Speedway as he worked his way to the front in the initial third of the race, then denied all challengers enroute to victory lane in the hundred-lap feature.  Rob Goodenough had taken the lead from the outset and Richard Savary had taken over at lap ten.  Savary had a hot hand and commanded the front.

Annarummo, at first, faded  from third to seventh as hard drivers like Savary and Lou Mechalides headed for the front.  Lap five saw Chris Pasteryak come by, headed for third behind Savary, then  Rowan Pennink got past.  But Todd firmed up, held position until lap 11, when he moved Pennink back behind him.  He then vaulted over Mechalides to fifth.  Two laps later, Tom Barrett fell prey..  Another two circuits and Annarummo repaid Pasteryak, moving him back to third and began his pursuit of leader Savary.

Savary sat on the low side of the front row and Annarummo was at his shoulder in a lap 25 restart, brought on by a spin and caution which eliminated Dick Houlihan and Dylan Kopec from competiton.   On the green, Savary was away first, but Annarummo crossed under, only to have the door slammed on  him.  Lap 30 saw the leaders chased by Pasteryak, Anthony Nocella and Barrett.

Annarummo continued to ply underneath and went through into the lead out of turn four of lap 31 as Norm Wrenn got through underneath Barrett.

A lap 36 restart saw Pasteryak get under Savary into second .  Wrenn moved Barrett out of fifth three laps later.  But Masse was moving up, now, stepping past Nocella and four laps later Norm Wrenn fell victim.  On lap 48, he was by Pasteryak with the second half of the race stretching before him.  But Savary and Annarummo lay ahead of him.

He began to slowly close the gap.  Both Masse and Savary were aided by lapped traffic, as Annarummo probably suffered Déjà vu from last race when he had been slowed by lapped traffic and overtaken.  This time, the pursuers closed the twenty-car gap to his rear deck as lapped cars hogged the low groove.  Annarummo this time, however, was able to retain the lead and Masse moved in to duel with Savary over the runnerup spot.

Masse finally solved Savary on lap 79 and Masse began to harass Annarummo for the front as Wrenn spun to the infield to bring a lap 82 caution.  It took two tries, as a bad start ensued.  On the second try, Annarummo and Masse went wheel-to-wheel before Todd could edge ahead and Masse settled in.  But Goodenough limped to a halt with suspension damage to his right front, bringing out a lap 84 caution.

Again they were nerf bar to nerf bar down the backstretch before Annarummo had the lead out of turn four.  Dwight Jarvis now was coming on, making a bigd for fifth.  He had leapt up from eleventh on the restart, but was unable to solve the problem of Max Zachem.

One last caution on lap 86 saw Annarummo and Masse go at it again, side-by-side for three laps.  But Masse, on the outside, wiggled slightly coming out of turn four on lap 87.  Annarummo was back in command and Masse crossed under for another attempt but was denied.

Masse was incessant in his attacks over the final ten laps, but Annarummo was able to protect his lead through to victory by a slim .155 seconds.  Savary was across just .400 later.  Barrett and Mechalides made the top five and Zachem, Pennink, Tod Patnode, Pasteryak and Wrenn rounded out the top ten.

Author: speedwayweb

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