Dylan Estrella wrested the Late Models lead from Charlie Rose on lap ten of the thirty lap feature.  Three laps more and Bill Bernard hailed past Rose to begin and intense chessgame with the leader for superiority of the Cement Palace’s battleground.  Fifteen uninterrupted laps of firefight later, Estrella and Bernard flashed under the checkers with just a quarter of a second between them.  And Rose followed in third.  Polesitter Mark Hudson finished fourth with Jeramee Lillie in pursuit.

Bernard pulled out all stops, having dedicated the run to his pitmate James “Crab” Manchester, who had died just one day earlier.  A deadly ballet with Estrella was the result.

Hudson and Ryan Lineham came off the front at the start door to door, with Rose claiming third over Mike Marfeo as back in the pack Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. nosed under Lillie and Bernard for a three-wide.  DeGasparre moved up to sixth, also passing Estrella.

Dave Hutchins, Jr. was fifth behind Mike Marfeo and moving up when he made contact and got himself loose.  He slid in and  hit Marfeo’s left rear corner and sent him spinning.

Lineham had just taken over the lead from Hudson, and they set up with Lineham low on the front row.  he went to the front as Rose got underneath and into second on lap four, as Estrella and then Bernard got by DeGasparre, moving himback to sixth, ahead of Lillie.

Two laps later, Rose got underneath Lineham and into the lead at the stripe into lap eight.  Estrella wasted little time in getting under Lineham.  Lineham wound it up and rushed toward the front, but fell back.

Estrella went under Rose on lap ten as Bernard got under Lineahm for third.  Estrella and Rose fought it out for the lead but Estrella had it in hand and Bernard began working underneath Rose.  Bernardhad second by lap thirteen.  Rose was third, followed by Hudson, Lillie and Scott Dion.  By lap 16 the field was stretched out into a single line.  Beyond Dion were Hutchins, DeGasparre, Lineham, Marfeo and Greg Cotter.

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