Nick Lascola’s tenure in the Legends Division this year has become legendary – but equally legendary have been his competitors pursuit.  Early season, wins were divided between him and Nick Ladyga.  Since midseason and Ladyga’s departure, Joey Parker has taken over to try to wrest victory away from him.  Parker again forced Lascola to work for his acclaim, but Nick was again able to come away with the trophy.

Brandon Martinez started on pole and was having a night for himself at the front, pulling away from Andrew Carpenter and dueling with him for the first five laps until Lascola arrived on the doorstep after starting seventh on the sixteen-car field.

Parker had started ninth and followed him, getting by Matthew Carpenter, Matt Chagnot, then Alan Smith, Andrew Carpenter and Tj Thompson to sit third as Lascola moved Martinez back to second.  Three laps later, “Batman’s” early speed came at a cost as his engine grenade coming down the front stretch and Martinez ground to a stop entering turn three with smoke filling the car.  Caution came and the fire brigade arrived, but there were no flames; only the smoke of a cooked motor.


Lascola and Parker leapt away as the front row and Lascola pulled to a four car lead before Joe Punum spun out of turn three.  They joined again for a alp sixteen restart.  Lascola leapt away but Parker whipsawed back.  They ran door to door before Lascola could pull away out of turn one.  Parker fastened to his bumper for a lap then lost ground.  With eight to go, Thompson, followed by Wyatt Alexander and Chris Robbins were in pursuit of the leaders.

But Smith looped between turns one and two to bring out a lap 23 restart.

Lascola and Parker went at it again, and Parker charged briefly to the front before Lascola jumped back into the lead.  With three laps to go, Lascola had worked to a two car adavantage.

At the checkers, Lascola had a 1.27 second lead as Parker and Thompson brawled across behind him, followed by Chris Robbins and Alexander.  Rounding out the top ten were Al Wisialko, Smith, Andrew Carpenter, Chagnot and Matthew Carpenter.

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