Devin Miranda disregarded the Seekonk rule that he must come from the back of the pack after a feature win;  he did, but gobled up great amounts of distance quickly, landing in third behind Eric Pelletier and Shawn DeMello going into lap eight.  He was in second by lap nine, when Pelletier suddenly slowed, drove up to the wall and limped to the pits.  DeMello took over the lead and seemed to be romping to a win until they encountered lapped traffic.  Miranda closed to his bumper and they charged through until they met a pair of cars who were going a lap down but would not clear the racing area.  DeMello elected to take the high side.  Jason Enos, one of the lappees, made contact with Miranda, spinning him and bringing out the caution.
Miranda went to the pole for the restart, pulled away from David Westgate with three laps remaining and outran Glen Leduc to the checkers by two seconds.  David Gargara, Michael Glad and Westgate completed the top five.

Tylar Nailor came off the outside pole to take the lead as the race began and Chuck McDonald jumped under polesetter Kim Bickford for a momentary 3-wide.  But Nailor ran to the clear air with Bickford behind him and McDonald fell to third.  Pelletier came through to second , getting past McDonald on lap three and then past Christopher Bissell, who had moved Bickford out of second.

He began working around Nailor on the following lap, and had the lead to himself at the stripe going into the sixth circuit.  But DeMello was coming on like gangbusters.  He stormed past Jason Enos III, Gilbert Bradstreet, Bickford and Chris Testa through lap three, then McDonald on the next go-around.  He dispatched Bissel for third, then Nailor for second to sit behind Pelletier.

When Pelletier went to the pits on lap 8, he was in command at the front.  But Miranda was coming, as was his meeting with Enos.

Completing the top ten were Tyler Boudreau, Gilbert Bradstreet, Bissell, Lenny Sousa and Enos.

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