John Paiva chased race leader Nick Uhrig for the first ten laps after the latter had sped past polesitter Darrel Church at the outset.  Their battle broke down to Uhrig breaking out of wallowing in the top five versus Paiva gaining his fifth win on the season and enlarging his championship points lead.  Paiva had followed outside polesitter Uhrig from outside the second row and the two set to brawling at the front for the twenty-five lap feature.  The crowd was on the edge of their seats as a four-truck, nose-to-tail challenge developed in lap four.  Paiva fastened onto Uhrig and  Church glued on to Paiva.  Rick Martin came around last week’s winner, Rob Murphy into fourth, to challenge Church.  They wound around the track with hardly an inch between their bumpers for two laps before Uhrig and Paiva made a break with the Church/Martin combo.

Lap 7 saw Martin go to the outside to challenge and on the next circuit, Paiva started around Uhrig.  He jetted ahead and was a half-length past Uhrig on lap nine.  He had the front to himself on the next go-around.  But Mike Cavallaro had been moving rapidly forward as well.  He was fifth behind Murphy.

Murphy got under Martin in a try for fourth with ten laps down as Paiva and Uhrig attled at the front.  Uhrig slipped back as Paiva gained a five-car lead and a tight pace line developed with him at the front, Church, Martin, Murphy, Cavallaro and Scott Dion.

Five laps later, Uhrig, Church and Martin had a gap on Cavallaro, but Mike fired up again and soon he had gotten past Martin.  Behind themScott, Branden and Murphy had a nose-to-tail debate going on.  Four laps remained and Paiva now had 8 cars on the field.

The laps wound down with no further changes, and Paiva had his victory over Uhrig, Church, Cavallaro and Martin in that order.  Rounding out the top ten were Scott and Branden Dion, Murphy, Joey Wakefield and Bill Schoeler.

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