Salley wins Pure Stock Battle

Jamie Salley jumped past polesitter Ed Gould out of turn two on the initial lap of the 30-lap Pure Stocks feature, to grab the lead. Gould flew into a stall and fell rapidly to seventh place over the next two laps before he could recover. Meanwhile, Ed Flanagan grappled onto Salley’s bumper with Bill Doyle all over his back and John Robidoux treating Doyle to the same. Jesse Melberg had come from seventh to fifth to pursue them, got by Robidoux for fourth, and went outside of Doyle for a shot at third. With two to go, Salley was leading a tight parade toward the finish. Salley roared home to the flying checkers, just .281 seconds ahead of the tenacious Doyle. Melberg was another .6 back followed by Robidoux and Heroux.


1) Jamie Salley 2) Bill Doyle 3) Jesse Melberg 4) John Robidoux 5) Amy Arsenault 6) Mark Boisvert 7) Danny Massa Jr 8) Ed Flanagan Jr 9) Ed Gould 10) Richard Savard 11) Melissa Charette 12) Jim Boyle 13) Earl Curtin III

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