Miranda wins Sport 4!

Devin Miranda and Shawn DeMello raged at each other through the closing laps of the Sport Four feature, including a restart with just three laps remaining in the 25-lap feature. Miranda’s restart from the pole slingshot him away from DeMello, who saw David Westgate bolt by underneath before he could wind up down the outside and climb back onto Miranda’s bumper at the stripe and up alongside down the backstretch. They were wheel-to-wheel as they crossed under the white silk and into the final circuit. DeMello kept it high and bore down through the entire lap as the pair hacksawed the lead into turn three. Coming out of four, Miranda gauged into a small lead which he held through the finish, edging DeMello by the length of a fender. Westgate, Lenny Sousa and Tyler Boudreau followed the leaders across the stripe.


1) Devin Miranda 2) Shawn DeMello 3) David Westgate 4) Lenny Sousa 5) Tyler Boudreau 6) Bob Henry 7) Michael Glad 8) Glen Leduc 9) Gil Bradstreet 10) Eric Pelletier 11) Chris Testa 12) Kim Bickford 13) Nick Mattera 14) Arielle Cerullo 15) Tylar Nailor 16) Chuck McDonald 17) Dave Gargado Jr 18) Henry Lavallee

Author: speedwayweb

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