Darling picks up 4th win!

Dave Darling picked up his fourth win of the season, holding on through a flurry of cautions throughout the 75 lap Phil’s Propane Triple Crown race. Front row starters Tom Scully Sr and Ken Spencer swapped the lead back and forth through the first twenty five laps of the event.

With 1/3 of the race completed, Darling had moved into second, and used a restart to power past Spencer for the lead. Spencer fell back into second, with Dick Houlihan, Mike Brightman and Ryan Vanasse rounding out the top five. Darling held the lead at the 50 lap mark, with Vanasse in second, trying to chase him down. Several times, Vanasse would pressure Darling for the lead, but the defending champion would not waver.

A flurry of late race restarts slowed the pace, but Darling continued to keep the pressure behind him, picking up the win. Dick Houlihan slid past Vanasse on the final laps for second, with Vanasse, Tom Scully Jr and Fred Astle rounding out the top five.

1) Dave Darling 2) Dick Houlihan 3) Ryan Vanasse 4) Tom Scully Jr 5) Fred Astle 6) Ken Spencer 7) Dave Silvia  Mike Mitchell 9) Dick Benoit 10) Kevin Folan 11) Kyle Casper 12) Phil Meany 13) Dave Hutchins Sr 14) Mike Brightman 15) Tom Scully Sr 16) Bob Hussey 17) Elmer Wing III 18) Vinnie Annarummo 19) Bobby Pelland III 20) Daryl Stampfl 21) Manny Dias

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