Like she was running down Hollywood Boulevard, Crystal Serydynski flew through the field until she sat behind leader Paul Lallier as the laps shortened up to a handfull. Angling down the backstretch she pushed the nose under the leader, ran hard and had earned enough space below the leader to hold her spot into turn three. Out of turn four and down the frontstretch they battled but Crystal emerged fully into the lead going into turn one. It was a tightly laced shoe with Lallier loath to have his position back and hungry Gerard Berthelette looking to snatch away a win for himself. But try as he might, Lallier was unable to get back to the front and, with tenacious Gerard Berthelette on his bumper, had to grudgingly watch Crystal flash under the checkers with her second victory of the season. Scott Bruneau and Ray Lovelace competed the top five.
Lallier started inside the third row and Crystal the outside of the fourth as chris DeMoura and Ray Negley led off. One lap down, Juhn Hanafin spun to the infield and Charles Beal was assessed with the assist. On the restart, the front four pairs were wheel-to-wheel into lap two until AJ Solomon looped going into turn two and another restart followed.
DeMoura and Negley were off again, but Negley was loos out of turn four allowing DeMoura to get the lead. Scott Serydynski followed. But Joe Melberg went dead in turn two.
Beal stopped to confer with officials at the pit entrance,then drove to the pit exit, dropped his window net and stopped for a period before he departed to the pits.
The lap three restart had DeMoura and Negley door to door again. As they dueled into lap five, Bob Bettencourt spun in turn two. Jimmy Belmont had nowhere to go and piled in, nose-to-nose. Both cars were retired for the night, but both drivers were uninjured. In the meantime, leader DeMoura, swerved off the backstretch, taking a roller coaster ride across the infield. He also departed for the pits.
On the restart, Lallier jumped under Negley and went through to the lead as the lap completed. He had room to settle in coming out of turn two. Negley and Scott battled over second, and Scott was into the infield on lap nine. Negley earned the back for the assist.
Lallier took pole for the restart. Berthelette and Crystal, who had worked their way through the field brilliantly sat second and third.
Berthelette and Lallier battled for the lead with Crystal locked in and she gained second as Berthelette fell back with Scott Bruneau holding fourth. He was trailed by Lovelace, Austin Blais and Hanavin dueling with Vincent Pangelinan.
Lallier, Crystal and Berthelette were on rails as they went bumper-to-bumper in a mad duel. Crystal nosed under Lallier on lap thirteen and they went side-by-side, trading paint into lap 14. Crystal pulled ahead on the backstretch and into lap fifteen she led Lallier, Berthelett and Bruneau.
The pack wound through the next ten laps in dispute but not changing positions. Ed Gannon worked his way around Pangelinan and then Blais for seventh as the laps unwound.
A desperate trio of Lallier, Berthelette and Bruneau could only chase Serydynski under the checkers as the thunderstorms which had been flashing throughout the feature shortened the victory celebrations at the stripe and ended the evening in mid-interview.
Sixth through tenth went to: Gannon, Blais, Hanafin,Craig Pianka and Scott Serydynski.

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