After losing a differential in Open Wheel Wednesday competition, Nick Lascola’s crew threw major repairs into the car and came down two days later to nail down another convincing win; his third on the season.  He leapt away from Joey Parker early own, who was trailed by New Yorker Brandon Bock for much of the race.  But after a lap 23 restart, Bock was able to navigate around and into second as the two remaining laps unwound and steal second place away.  Joe Putnam and John Belushi followed across and Wisialko, eliminated by mechanical difficulties, finished two laps down.

Lascola’s typical escape from the field came quickly from the outside pole with Parker giving chase and Bock on his bumper.  Wisialko held fourth.  Five laps in, Lascola was eight cars up on the field.  He increased to ten cars by lap eleven.  Parker also had ten cars on Bock.

But Parker lost momentum on lap fifteen and Bock began to close.  He was loose out of turn four on lap eighteen and a lap later Lascola was now a full stragithaway in the lead.  Bock was on Parker’s bumper in lap twenty.  They dueled over second.

But with two to go, Wisialko appeared to lose an oil line on the front stretch, sending a burst of flame and smoke.  He braked to a halt high in turn one and quickly exited the car.  The fire had gone out, but rescue and track crew surrounded the car and the red flag was thrown.

When the race resumed, Parker was on Lascola’s shoulder and Bock was behind him.  As they came away, Bock was able to get under Parker for second, but Lascola powered away once again through to the finish.

Author: speedwayweb

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