Doug Coby, driving the Wayne Darling-owned Seekonk Grand Prix modified, dominated the front of the Open Wheel Wednesday modified event, sharing the lead with only Todd Annarummo i9n the hundred-lap feature. They shared the front row for the start, and Annarummo leapt to the lead with Coby on his bumper. Three lead-changes later, Coby roared home for the $10,000 grand prize, just ahead of Les Hinckley with Annarummo, Matt Hirschman and Anthony Nocella in pursuit.
Hinckley had started fifth and worked his way toward the front, holding third from laps 28 through 81.

Annarummo took his lead and ran 26 laps at the front with Coby in pursuit. Coby made an early, outside bid on lap 5, but Rob Richardi and Kevin Iannarelli gottogether in turn one. It was the enf of Richardi’s evening as the field relined for the green.
They went door to door at the front and Coby bid on the outside for the front, but Annarummo held him off. Lap seven saw another bid on the outside and then Coby dropped under for the pass, only to have the door slammed in his face.
Hinckley bid into fifth place on lap fifteen and nabbed onto Tommy Barrett’s bumper. Another lap and Barrett had been deprived of fourth. By lap 18, Annarummo was leading Coby, who was on his bumper, Todd Ceravolo, and Hinckley.
Eric Berndt looped out of turn 3 to bring out caution. Annarummo and Coby lined up again with Ceravolo and Hinckley at their backs. At the green, they were wheel-to- wheel, hacksawing the lead down the backstretch and door-to-door as they came to the stripe again. Coby gained the lead out of turn two and by lap 27, he had the front to himself with Annarummo behind him. Hinckley had come around Ceravolo for third. This trio would dominate the front three positions through the end of the feature.
Lap 60 saw Annarummo again run to the front past Coby for another long sprint in the lead. Coby fell in between Annarummo and Hinckley, who was marking time, waiting for an opportunity.
Matt Hirschman, who had started twelfth, spent the middle part of the race working through to sixth on lap 71, behind Cervolo and Barrett. He was past Barret on lap 71 and Anthony Nocella on lap 76.
Annarummo’s tires had taken a punishing over the stages of the race and Coby moved in. In heavy, lapped traffic, Coby again edged past into the lead on lap 80. Hinckley moved him to third a lap later. On the same circuit, Hirschman eased Ceravolo back to fifth. With 20 laps remaining, top four finishers had been established. Hinckley pursued Coby relentlessly, but was unable to get to the lead.
Nocella managed to push past Ceravolo into fifth.
Coby earned a .679 second victory over Hinckley at the stripe. Ceravolo’s lap of 12.175 was best on the evening, with Annarummo followi9ng close with 12.183 to Coby’s 12.185.
Rounding out the top ten were: Nocella, Jimmy Zacharias, Steve Masse, Ceravolo, Barrett and Jon McKennedy.

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