“Dangerous Paul” Scally rocketed away from the pole with Jim Santamaria dogfighting him through the first turn.  But “Liquid Lou” Cicconi  dived down from his outside spot on the second row, going under Scally inturn two.  There was momentary contact and Scally, Santamaria and Todd Bertrand piled into each other and were eliminated before a lap could be completed, while a great deal of speedy dry was laid down.

Cabral set on the pole for the restart with Cicconi on his shoulder, Jim Chambers  and Seth Carlso in the second row and Greg Stoehr and Doug Colby behind them.  Cabral ran directly to the front as the green dropped with Cicconi chasing.  Chambers, Carlson, Stoehr and Colby followed in hot pursuit.  Stoehr went under Carlson for third as several cars swerved in the spot where the speedy dry had been laid down.

The speedy Cabral had built a five-car lead on Cicconi by the the fifth circuit; and they were a straightaway ahead of Chambers, Stoehr, Colby and John Zych.  The field was stringing out into a pace line.

Lap ten saw Ian Cumins past Carlson for seventh.  Cabral was encountering lapped traffic on lap 14, but Cicconi, ten cars back, could not take advantage.

Colby had spent laps seven through fourteen in fifth, but began to move forward, passing Chambers for fourth.  By lap 20, Cicconi was still trying to run Cabral down with Colby on his tail followed by Stoehr and Cumens.

But Cumens’ night was over three laps later as his car went dead in turn three and he had to be pushed to the pits.

The restart had Cabral, Cicconi and Colby in the single-file restart.  Cabral pulled at the front and Colby leapt underneath Cicconi to steal second, Stoehr and Chambers rocketing along behind them.  Colby tried to get to Cabral, but had the door slammed in his face and Cabrall continued to hold him off.  He fell in line and Cabral eased out to a half-car margin through to the checkers, granting him eight NEMA wins at the old Cement Palace.    Colby Cicconi and Stoehr chased him across.

Colby ran to an amazing top speed on the event with an 11.149-second pass around the oval.  Cabral and Cicconi followed with hot laps of 11.256 and 11.268, respectively.  Fifth through tenth went to:  Chambers, Zych, Carlson, Bethany Stoehr Greg Stoehr, and Pete Peresiglio

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