Tom Scully, Jr. fought his way past Elmer Wing for the lead on lap eight, but the battle had only just begun.  Four laps later, Wing had been supplanted by Track Champ, Dave Darling in hot pursuit.  Darling chased Scully’s rear bumper, then elected to work the outside and led by a fender through laps 22, 23 and 24, but Scully held him off.  When last week’s victor, Fred Astle, Jr. got past Darling on lap 29, he had another ten laps to overhaul the leader.  Scully drove hard and straight and Astle was unable to complete the bargain, as Scully came home a half-second ahead for the win.

Darling followed Astle across, .149 seconds back, and Kyle Casper and Dick Houlihan competed the top five.

Wing and Kevin Folan led from the front and Wing took the top spot at the green, but Folan fought back and they went door-to-door into lap two before Wing could claim the lead for himself.  Scully was looking underneath them from his third place starting position but the door closed.  Scully locked onto Wing and Folan slid back leaving Scully in command of second.  Kevin Casper got past Folan on lap 5 and Houlihan followed two laps later.

Folan was having handling problems and going backwards. Ryan Vanasse looked to get underneath him but when Folan came down, Vanasse was forced to go hard on his brakes, spinning out.  He went immediately to the pits for repairs and returned.

Wing led Scully on the restart, but Tom wound up the outside and forged past Wing out of turn four.  Kevin followed, but Darling had now moved into fourth to challenge, with Houlihan following closely.  Astle, Mike Brightman and Kyle Casper followed.   Darling went on to pass Kevin and Wing into second as Astle and Brightman moved by Houlihan for fifth and sixth.

Lap 15 had Darryl Stampfl spinning on the backstretch.  On the restart, Darling was unable to conquer Scully and the field settled into the order it had followed before the caution.  But Kevin suddenly began to fade just before Folan and Paul Reichert spun together at the stripe.  Both were able to drive away.

Again, Darling was unable to solve Scully;  Wing, Astle and Houlihan followed.  Kenny Spencer, Tom Scully, Sr. and Folan looped together in turn four to bring a lap 17 restart.  Scully, Jr. and Darling were wheel-to-wheel again with Astle on their bumpers.  A backstretch spin by Wing brought another caution:  lap 21.

Scully was away with Darling outside and Freddy on his bumper but Bob Hussey looped out of turn four bringing another lap 21 restart.  They were away the same, but Darling began projecting his nose out front, gaining the lead for the ensuing three laps.  But Scully, Jr. took his command back and momentary contact as Darling edged downward slowed him and he fell back to second.

Astle had his nose underneath again on lap 26.  Darling began falling back two laps afterward.  Fred stayed glued to Scully’s bumper and Darling was forced to edge back into third.  With ten laps remaining, Scully led Astle, Darling, Kyle, Houlihan, Kevin, Tom, Sr. and Brightman.

Scully had Darling and Astle at his back over the final three laps, but the two were contesting over second and gave him a miniscule bit of breathing room as they battled.  He finisehed a half second ahead, while Astle managed a bare 149-second edge for second.  Kevin Casper managed fastest time on the evening: a lap of 12.933, while Vanasse and Tom Scully, Sr. managed 12.991 and 12.992 respectively.

Rounding out the top ten on the evening were:  Kevin Casper, Scully, Sr., Pelland, Vanasse and Brightman.

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