John Paiva hung in tough throughout the race and survived several restarts, challenges from Rick Martin, Scott Dion and Brandon Dion to rush home with Martin, Branden and Murphy clinging to his tail.  It was a tough win after dodging a multi-car wreck on lap 2 with minimal damage.  On the restart, Paiva went to the front and lodged the car there for the duration, save laps 11 through 15, when Brandon pushed his nose past for the lead.  But Paiva put on the power down low and rushed back to the front only to find Martin snapping at his rear bumper.

                  Frank Duquette and Nick Uhrig lifted off from the front row with Darrel Church and Scott Dion at their backs.  Church went directly under the Duke creating a three-wide at the front with Uhrig on the outside.  Uhrig elected to fall back as Duquette became unstable in the middle.  As he fought for control, Scott tapped him from the rear and Duquette’s rear went around, sending him into Church.  As he continued to loop, he encountered Rob Murphy, who had started behind Church and (with Brandon Dion on his outside) had nowhere to go.  Brandon eluded the spinning juggernaut.  The two got together and spun to a halt in turn one, facing into traffic but up in the third groove.  Paiva, who had been coming from low on the fourth row, behind Murphy, suffered minot damage to his right front as the field scattered to avoid.  Martin, on his shoulder, was able to avoid.

The field was whistled to a stop as the wrecker crews toiled to uncouple Duquette from Murphy as they had become fused together.  The process took several minutes before Murphy headed to the pits for a new, right rear tire.  They rejoined the field at the rear.

Church had continued after the initial bump from The Duke, and lined up on the pole once again for the lap two restart, with Uhrig on his right.  Paiva and Brandon followed with Martin and Dane Saritelli as row three.  The field came under the green, door-to-door.  Brandon jumped into a gap betweenChurch and Uhrig and the latter faded back suddenly.  Saritelli spun coming through turn four, but was able to keep it going, preventing the caution.  Lap three saw Church at the head battling with Brandon, Paiva and Martin with Uhrig fifth.  Paiva began dueling Brandon for second.

Taylor Therrien, who had suffered damage in the initial crash, spun at the stripe in lap five.  The restart saw  Church and Paiva on the front row, Brandon and Martin behind them.  Uhrig and Anna Gregoire filled the third row.

Paiva came away to take the lead down the backstretch, and Brandon gave chase as Chruch dropped to third ahead of Martin, Uhrig and Scott.  Church had lost his transponder in the lap 2 debacle, and now was beginning to experience problems with his truck.

Lap eight saw Scott, Martin and Church in a three-wide over fourth place, behind Paiva, Brandon and Uhrig as Brandon hauled himself up to Paiva’s bumper to challenge.  Scott nailed down fourth with Martin and Church following.  Gregoire, Mike Duarte and Joey Wakefield pursued until Duarte spun in turn four.  Wakefield was awarded the assist.

Paiva and Brandon came away door-to-door on the lap ten restart.  Brandon was able to get his nose past and they went side-by-side for five laps with Brandon notching the lead each time.  But Paiva pushed ahead to claim the lead for the rest of the distance.  Uhrig and Scott traded third place until Martin ducked under to engineer another three wide.  He was able to claim third as Scott held fourth and Uhrig fifth.  At this point, Murphy had toiled his way back up and grabbed sixth behind Uhrig.  Chase Belcher held seventh.

Paiva led Brandon and Martin into lap 17, as Church was forced to the pits with his earlier damage.  Martin moved Brandon back to third and went after Paiva’s position, all over the leader’s tailgate.  He got loose on lap 18 after making contact and fell back, leaving Paiva breathing space.  But Brandon wanted his second spot back and troubled Martin.  With five laps to go in the 25-lapper, Paiva, Martin, Brandon, Scott, Uhrig, Murphy and Belcher wound toward the finish.  But Bill Schoeler spun between turns one and two.

On the restart, Paiva was away from Martin and Brandon came underneath to grab second.  Murphy jetted past Scott and Uhrig for fourth.  Martin and Brandon dueled door-to-door through lap22, when Scott looped out of turn four.  Uhrig was tagged with the assist.

Paiva had Brandon on his shoulder for the restart with Martin and Murphy occupying the second row.  Belcher and Saritelli followed with Wakefield and Duarte at their backs.  Paiva leapt away going into turn two and  Martin came in underneath to nose under the leader as they came back around onto the frontstretch.  But Brandon battled back alongside Paiva to reclaim second.

Lap 24 saw Paiva with some breathing room as Brandon, Martin and Murphy packed together, battling over second.  They brawled through the final lap with Paiva taking the checkers and Martin just .269 back.  Brandon and Murphy followed and the entire front four finished within .610 of each other.   Belcher claimed fifth.  Duquette, Duarte, Saritelli, Scott Dion and Wakefield rounded out the top ten.  Brandon had claimed fastest lap with 14.820 seconds while Paiva followed upwith a 14.834.

Author: speedwayweb

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