While the Legends field has shrunken in car count, the excitement continues to climb thanks to a pair of competitors in the field.  And the crowd was not disappointed as the two Nicks again engaged in a firefight on the third-mile oval at the Cement Palace.  And though Nick Ladyga led from lap two until the final turn, he spent the entire race with Nick Lascola tenderizing his rear bumper.  The duo had the crowd hushed as they buzzed around each other, lap after lap and it was impossible to tell when one might overtake the other.

Finally, Lascola was able to get underneath his opponent and they battled door-to-door with Ladyga on the high side until the white silk had flown.  Coming out of the final turn onto the finishing stretch, Ladyga applied just a fraction too much acceleration and his back end started around, his nose pointed toward Lascola’s door momentarily and then Lascola pulled ahead, flashing across the stripe just .355 seconds ahead of the sliding Ladyga for a hard-earned victory.  Al Wisialko crossed two seconds later, good for third, followed by Joey Parker, Brandon Martinze and Curt Snow.  Joe Putnam was one lap down in seventh.

Martinez and Wisialko started the front with Ladyga and Parker in the second row.  Lascola and Putnam followed.  As the green dropped, Ladyga blasted through for the lead but Martinez held on.  It took a lap, but Ladyga got by Martinez and Lascola inhabited third with Wisialko and Parker at his back.

In lap four, Ladyga had a fifteen yard lead over Lascola, but it had been closed up by lap eight.  Martinez, Wisialko and Parker were a third of a lap behind them.    The leaders began hacksawing their positions as they rocketed around the oval until Martinez, Putnam and Parker engaged in a spin in turn four.

Ladyga had the pole as they lined up and came out fast as Lascola lagged slightly but came firing back with Wisialko and Parker following.  Lap sixteen saw Martinez and Parker together, sending Parker spinning in front of the starter’s stand, bringing another caution.

Ladyga and Lascola lined up again and Ladyga again grabbed the lead.  Lascola was looking at a two car lead on the next lap, but closed up through turns three and four.  Lascola locked to the rear  bumper and they continued.

He went to Ladyga’s outside on lap 21, but was denied and he settled in again.  On lap 22, they bumped out of turn two and Lascola got underneath for a classic, door-to-door battle to the finish.

Although he completed the race in the runnerup spot, Ladyga claimed fastest lap on the race with a 14.301 to Lascola’s 14.321 seconds.  Wisialko, in third, had third best speed with 14.582.

Author: speedwayweb

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