Sean DeMello came from the outside of the second row, made his way past the three cars ahead and set off putting distance between himself and the field.  He was quickly a quarter-lap ahead and there was little question except who might finish second.  It was a tour-de-force for DeMello, who has shown good speed of late, and this evening was at the top of his game.

   Nicholas Mattera and David Gargaro had started at the front;  and Mattera surged ahead out of the starter’s box with Gargaro fighting from the outside as DeMello moved into third.  Gargaro went to the front at the stripe as the field completed lap one, Mattera falling to second with DeMello, Lenny Sousa and Bob Henry following as they went three-wide for sixth in the field behind the leaders.  It went to four wide as  Devin Miranda dived underneath Chris Testa, Tylar Nailor and Chris Bissell.

Lap four saw DeMello on Gargaro’s bumper, challengeing, as Mattera, Sousa and Henry kept pace.  Another lap saw DeMello surge past Gargaro and begin to put distance between them rapidly.  By lap eight, the leader was a full straightaway distant from Gargaro, who had put 12 cars between himself and Sousa.

But Devin Miranda was challenging Sousa for third, from his rear bumper.  It became the aerial dogfight which captured the field as DeMello waltzed toward the finish line on lap 14, a quarter-lap ahead of Gargaro, Sousa, Miranda, Tyler Boudreau, and Michael Glad.

But Miranda and Sousa had closed on Gargaro and they went three-wide in a quest for second.  Sousa came out ahead with Miranda in tow as Miranda began to limp down the backstretch with motor problems – he retired to the pits.

With DeMello romping under the checkers, Miranda was hard on Souza to wrest second from his grasp.  There was contact between the suo, and Sousa spun down the frontstretch.  Miranda was able to avoid and claimed second under the checkers as Sousa spun.  Tyler Boudreau claimed third with Bissell nailing down seventh..

Author: speedwayweb

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