Fast Freddy Astle lived up to his name Saturday night, charging to the front and leaving the field to chase him down in Saturday night action.  He came rapidly from his fifth place spot on the grid to the front by lap four and took off for the finish line.  Trailing a field of challengers, he surged away at the front in a dominant show.

Tom Scully, Sr and Elmer Wing led from the front and Wing took the lead from the green.  Kevin Folan got under Scully to make a three-wide, but Astle came on as Scully faded to pass Folan for second.  He then set his sights on Wing.

On lap four, Astle moved underneath and to the lead out of turn four on lap five.  Kyle Casper moved under Wing for second and set out after Astle.  By lap six, Astle was leading Casper, Wing, Folan, Mike Brightman, Dick Houlihan, and Dave Darling.

Houlihan moved up to work under Brightman, but Brightman slammed the door in his face; Darling was at Houlihan’s back.

By lap 15, Astle had a five car lead over Casper and Wing.  Folan, and Brightman followed with Houlihan dogfighting over the spot and Darling holding off Kenny Spencer.

Sam Porazzo spun out of turn two to bring out a lap 19 caution.  Lining up for the restart were Astle and Casper on the front with Wing and Folan in the second row.  Brightman, Houlihan, Darling, Spencer and Tom Scully, Jr. followed.

Astle was away into the lead again on the green.  Casper, Folan and Wing were giving chase.

By lap 26, Darling had passed Houlihan and was under Brightman, looking for fourth.  Wing was coming back and Darling and Brightman were under him  as Scully, Jr. followed.  With ten to go, Astle had a healthy lead over Kyle Casper, Darling, Folan, Brightman , Scully, Jr, and Ryan Vanasse.

The field wound around through the final laps in a pace line, save Kevin Casper moving past Wing for ninth.  At the finale, it was Astle dashing over with Kyle Casper following, as they had through most of the race.  Darling held third, followed by Folan, Darling, Scully, Jr., Vanass, Houlihan and Kevin Casper.

Author: speedwayweb

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