Scott Bruneau fought his way up from eighth place to grab the lead from Ray Negley, who had lead the first 17 of the thirty-lap Phil’s Propane Triple Crown for Street Stocks, step two.  It had been a raucous affair and continued that way through the checkers, with Rey Lovelace taking over second immediately and hounding Bruneau to the finish.  Last week’s winner, Bobby Bettencourt, eased Negley out of third and Charles Beal completed the top five.

Negley and Jimmy Belmont started at the front, with Scott Serydynski and Beal in the second row. Out of the starting box, Negley ran to the front through turns one and two.  Manny Dias broke loose and took Jeff Ellis up to the front stretch wall for a brush, but they were able to continue and the race wound on.  Serydynski looked underneath but Negley slammed the door on him.  Belmont rushed up alongside but Negley pulled away again.  By lap four, he led Serydynski, Belmont, Lallier and Beal in that order.

With a car stuck in the tunnel to the pits, caution was called.  Negley and Serydynski faced off for the lap four restart.  Negley edged ahead and took the lead down the backstretch.  Belmont and then Serydynski challenged him until Serydynski got into the infield out of two and took a ride across the grass, spending some of the time airborne of the storm drain.

The restart had Lallier outside Negley.  Bruneau was low on the second row with Beal above him.  Negley went to the front with Lallier suddenly slowing and heading for the pits.  Bruneau grabbed second followed by Lovelace, Beal, Bettencourt and Craig Pianka.  Lap 15 saw Beal around into second where Negley began pushing Beal up to hold him off.  The pair finally got so high on the track that Bruneau was able to launch himself underneath and claim the lead.  Negley was caught up top as Lovelace and Bettencourt went by.  With ten to go, Bruneau led Lovelace, Bettencourt, Negley and Beal.  Crystal Serydynski was moving quickly at Beal’s back with Pianka on her bumper.

Pianka came up and ran wheel-to-wheel with Crystal over sixth place, but Crystal held him off and reclaimed the spot.  Lap 26 saw Crystal working around Beal for fifth, but Beal rose up the track out of turn two, running Crystal up the track to the wall and a shower of sparks.  The impact sent her back three spots.  She was able to reclaim two of them.

Lovelace was making life a misery for Bruneau, meanwhile.  Bettencourt was not letting up on Lovelace and they diced it up over the final laps with Bruneau holding them both off for the win.  Lovelace and Bettencourt set top times on the event, with Bettencourt coming in with a 15.154 and Lovelace nailing down a 15.176.

Completing the top ten were Ed Gannon, Crystal, Pianka, Gerard Berthelett and Scott Serydynski.

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