Curtis Rolando started sixth, quickly moved his way to second place in the SYRA 750  division, where he began to reel in leader Taylor Bowser, who was looking for her first win.  Bowser had dominant speed, but Rolando set tonhis task and slowly reeled her in.  By lap 13, he was on her bumper and they dueled, first  nose to tail then side by side.  Finally Rolando dropped under, and light contact between the vehicles had Bowser loose.  He dived through to the lead and came to the front with two laps remaining.  Bowser was unable to reply and chased Rolando across the line as he completed his third victory in as many regular season races.  Christine Cavallaro followed across in third.

Bowser jumped off the pole to the lead with Shelby Donovan getting under Cavallaro into second at the outset.  David Lougee and Ashley Kuhn followed.

By lap two, Cavallaro and Donovan were clashing, door-to-door over second as Bowser began to build a commanding lead.  Kaitlyn Donvan and Lougee were wheel-to-wheel for fourth place.  By lap five, Bowser was 30 yards  ahead of Cavallaro with Lougee, Shelby, Rolando and Kaitlyn in hot pursuit.

Two laps later, Rolando dived under Lougee for third and then under Cavallaro for second and began to set his sights on Bowser, 35 yards ahead.  By lap ten, the lead had been reduced to 25 yards with Lougee following and the Donovans wheel-to-wheel behind him followed by Kuhn.

Rolando had closed to Bowser’s bumper by lap thirteen trailing Cavallaro and then Lougee.  He began looking outside but Bowser held him off.  Lap seventeen, Rolando nosed under, there was momentary contact between the cars and Bowser’s car moved up.  Rolando bounded out of turn four to the front.  Bowser tried to pry her way past but Rolando began to edge away.  As the 20-lap race wound down, a parade file formed up through to the checkers.

Rolando claimed his third consecutive win and also fastest time on the event with a 15.539 as Bowser posted a 15.784.  She claimed second, followed by Cavallaro, Lougee, Kaitlyn, Shelby and Kuhn.

Author: speedwayweb

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