Henry Lavallee took a commanding lead out of lap four and held on through outlasting Devin Miranda to the finish line in Sport Four action.  Lavallee had been fast out of the box, coming away from the green in third place with Zack Thomas behind him.  They bolted around co-leaders Lenny Souza and Tylar Nailor on lap 4.  Souza having problems and bouncing off a couple cars coming through turns 3 and 4 and slowing as Lavallee came around.  Souza continued and he and Nailor shuttled back behind Lavallee, Thomas and Frank Shepard, who had rocketed up from his tenth place start.  Thomas chased Lavallee through lap 14, when had when a tap from Nailor sent him around and to the rear.  Nailor was declared the assisting car and also awarded the back of the field.  Thomas came back several laps later and was bothering both Lavallee and Miranda, along with Shepard, to the finish line.

The race was only bothered by a pair of cautions and kept up a frenzied pace.

At the outset, Sousa commanded the front with Nailor chasing him out of turn four when Lavallee and Thomas worked around the outside to the front.  Sousa gave chase from third with Shepard and Nailor debating his position.  Lavallee had claimed nearly a straightaway lead as lapped traffic interviened onlap eight and Thomas began to closer.  Shepard, Nailor, Sousa, David Gargaro and Eric Pelletier gave chase.  They wound around with Thomas narrowing the gap until lap fifteen, when he was on Lavallee’s bumper.

At this point, Chris Testa ground to a stop near the wal in turn four, bringing out a caution.  The restart had Lavallee with Thomas on his shoulder, Shepard and Nailor behind them and Sousa and Gargaro making up row three.  Lavallee escaped out of the starting box and Shepard got under Thomas, but it was called back for a bad start.  A restart had Shepard working under Thomas again, when Thomas sliding sideways on the backstretch and scattering the field.  Nailor was called to join him at the rear for the assist.  Now Lavallee again pulled away as Shepard found Gargaro working underneath him for second.  Miranda had worked his way up from sixth to trouble Shepard.

In two laps, Lavallee forged a fifteen-car lead over Gargaro and Shepard, who were battling door-to-door.  Thomas was coming rapidly though the field.  Miranda now made his move past them into second.  By lap eighteen, he led third place Tyler Boudreau, followed by  Shepard and Glenn LeDuc.

Miranda was closing the gap with Lavallee with five laps to go.  Thomas was on his tail with Shepard, Michael Glad and Gargaro following on the 22nd circuit.  The final three laps were a high speed spin, Miranda giving Lavallee all he could handle to the line.  Lavallee crossed first with Miranda, Thomas, Boudreau, and Shepard rounding out the top five.  Glad, Gargaro, Kim Bickford, Nailor and LeDuc completed the top ten.  Sousa finished eleventh.

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