Thomas Moreshead spent the SYRA 600 event working his way toward the front and watching for opportunities ahead as Jessica O’Leary and then Brandon Lillie led the 20-lap feature.  Morsehead had started eleventh, thanks to his win on the previous feature;  he stood second in the standing, three points of the pace, and now climbs into the lead as Matthew Barboza finished sixth in the current feature.

Joey Lembo and Lillie started at the front and ran wheel-to-wheel through the first lap, but Jessica O’Leary ranthrough to the front, trailing Lillie and Lembo with White, Morsehead and Kulpa following.  Lillie tightened up and the two leaders ran door-to-door through lap 10, when Lillie captured the lead coming out of turn four.  Kulpa and Lembo had spent the time alongside each other battling over third with Morsehead holding fifth and seeking opportunities.

Kulpa nabbed second on the backstretch in lap 13, settling O’Leary into third.  Kulpa began challenging Lillie for the front but Cassie Meservey spun out of turn four, bringing caution.  On the restart, Lillie and Kulpa battled over the lead with O’Leary and Morsehead engaging for third and Lembo contesting fifth with White.

Trouble on lap 16  changed the complexion of the race:  White got out of shape coming out of turn four and the pack scattered.  Meservey, driving hard out of the curve was unable to avoid White, hitting at speed.  Her car shed all the body metal on her nose and she had to be removed from her car by Firefighters and EMT’s under an extended red flag period.  She waved gamely to the crowd as she the backboard was moved to the Gurney, following  a long extrication process.  White took his ride to the pits in the golf cart, and both cars had to be taken off on the hook.  Kulpa and Lillie went back to the front of the field for the restart.   O’Leary and Morsehead were the second row.

Lillie took the front after a lap of door-to-door running.  Kulpa dropped in behind, but kept her nose at his rear bumper.  As they wound through lap 19, Kulpa got her nose into the rear of Lillie and he spun.  Morsehead had continued to battle O’Leary but seized the moment, and second place and followed Kulpa across the line under the checkers.  Track officials huddled over the finish, then penalized Kulpa for the contact, moving her back to eleventh.  This put Morsehead in front for the victory, his second in as many races.  O’Leary, Lembo, Madison Birchall and Dereck Debbis were the top five.  Rounding out the top ten were Barboza, Doug Meservey, Lillie, Kiera Carpenter and Eric LeBrun

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