Paiva takes Trucks Checkers

Fall River’s John Paiva became the third Sport Truck driver to win his second race of the season. John started fifth, but made quick work on his way to the front in the non-stop 25 lap main. Darryl Church brought the field down from his pole position, and set the pace for the first few laps before Paiva took over. Rick Martin followed Paiva through the pack, and sat himself on the rear bumper of the black and green #21.

As the laps wound down, Martin tried every trick in the book to try to move past, and into the lead, but to no avail. Paiva, Martin, Rob Murphy, Scott Dion and Church rounded out the top five.

1)John Paiva 2) Rick Martin 3) Rob Murphy 4) Scott Dion 5) Darryl Church 6) Nick Uhrig 7) Dave Haywood  Branden Dion 9) Anna Gregoire 10) Dane Saritelli 11) Bill Schoeler 12) Mike Duarte 13) Billy Clarke 14) Chase Belcher 15) Jim Hawkins 16) Bob Rainville 17) John Letourneau 18) Lenny Guy 19

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