Jeff Dombrowski gets it done!

Jeff Dombrowski of Oakdale CT picked up his first career win in the Sport4 division. Michael Glad had set the pace just shy of the halfway point, and set the pace as Len Sousa, who started ninth, was making his way toward the front. As they reached the 13 lap mark, Sousa was putting pressure on the leader, with Henry Lavallee right behind.

Sousa took the lead briefly on lap fifteen, but contact in the first corner sent the top three cars spinning, with Lavallee being done for the night. Dombrowski took over at the top, but rookie Shawn DeMello worked the outside, moving past at the white flag lap. As the pair came off the fourth corner, Dombrowski slid up the race track, making contact
with DeMello, forcing him to lose momentum, and second to Devin Miranda. Tyler Boudreau and Glenn Leduc rounded out the top five.

1) Jeff Dombrowski 2) Devin Miranda 3) Shawn DeMello 4) Tyler Boudreau 5) Glenn Leduc 6) David Gargado Jr 7) Jason Enos  Frank Shepard 9) Eric Pelletier 10) Tylar Nailor 11) Chris Bissell 12) Len Sousa 13) Bob Henry 14) Chris Testa 15) Nick Mattera 16) Mike Glad 17) Chuck McDonald 18) Henry Lavallee

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