Seekonks own Tom Morsehead takes the win

Seekonk’s Tom Morsehead Jr took over the lead after a flurry of early restarts, and picked up his first career win in the SYRA 600 class 20 lap feature. Jessica O’Leary and Matt Barboza were credited with leading the opening laps, but several restarts caused the field to bunch up a few times, taking out a couple of contenders.

The final fifteen laps were completed without interruption, with Morsehead leading David White to the checkered. Barboza came back from an early penalty back to third, with Shea Kulpa and Cassie Meservey fourth and fifth.

1)TJ Morsehead Jr 2) David White 3) Matt Barboza 4) Shea Kulpa 5) Cassie Meservey 6) Jessica O’Leary 7) Joey Lembo¬†¬†Madison Birchall 9) Doug Meservey 10) Eric LeBrun 11) Brandon Lillie 12) Scott Serydynski Jr 13) Sarah DeMello 14) Evan Taylor

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