Donovans battle for the win

Kaitlyn Donovan of Waterford, CT held off serious challenges for the SYRA 750 win. She took off from her pole position start, with her younger sister Shelby on the outside. The pair raced wheel to wheel for the first twelve laps, with Shelby leading a pair of laps in that battle.

Opening night winner Curtis Rolando was looking to repeat, and over the final five laps gave the young lady all she could handle, even leading two of the final four laps. But Kaitlyn was not to be denied, and picked up the popular win. Rolando held on for a close second with Dave Lougee third, Shelby and Ashley Kuhn rounding out the top five.

1) Kaitlyn Donovan 2) Curtis Rolando 3) David Lougee 4) Shelby Donovan 5) Ashley Kuhn 6) Christine Cavallaro 7) Taylor Bowser

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