Rookie sensation!

Rookie sensation!

Branden Dion put a stranglehold onto the Rookie of the Year chase as he picked up his second win of the young season. Rob Murphy took off at the drop of the green and set the early pace. As the pace quickened, so did 5 time champion Rick Martin, who moved to the outside. The pair raced wheel to wheel for a dozen laps, swapping the lead back and forth several times between them. At the half way mark, the pair were virtually tied, with Martin holding a slight edge. Dion was third, with John Paiva and Mike Cavallaro rounding out the top five.


As the leaders headed into turn one, just after completing lap 18, the pair drifted up, opening the bottom lane for the younger Dion to make a three wide pass for the lead. Once out front, the rookie never wavered, and led Martin across the stripe by over a second. Paiva moved under Murphy for third on the final circuit, with Murphy and Scott Dion fourth and fifth.


1) Branden Dion 2) Rick Martin 3) John Paiva 4) Rob Murphy 5) Scott Dion 6) Barry Shaw 7) Mike Cavallaro 8) Nick Uhrig 9) Anna Gregoire 10) Lenny Guy 11) Dane Saritelli 12) Mike Duarte 13) Bob Rainville 14) Billy Clarke 15) John Letourneau 16) Chase Belcher 17) Jim Hawkins 18) Taylor Therrien 19) Darryl Church

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