Lallier inherits win

Lallier inherits win

Paul Lallier inherited his second win of the 2013 season when the car that Bob Bettencourt Jr was driving did not pass post-race tech. Doug Rioux jumped out front and led the a handful of laps before Gerard Berthelette moved past and took off from the field. Bettencourt moved into second by lap nine, and slid underneath the N Smithfield native for the lead.


As the laps wound down, Lallier moved into second, and started to put heavy pressure on the Tiverton driver. Re-creating an old rivalry, Lallier several times tried to squeeze past Bettencourt, but could not mount enough of a charge to get past. Scott Bruneau moved into the top three over the final few laps and crossed the line there. Berthelette and Craig Pianka rounded out the top five at the finish. With the DQ, John Hanafin moved up to fifth.


1) Paul Lallier 2) Scott Bruneau 3) Gerard Berthelette 4) Craig Pianka 5) John Hanafin 6) Rey Lovelace 7) Crystal Serydynski 8) Ray Negley 9) Austin Blais 10) Ed Gannon III 11) Charles Beal 12) Randy Moretti 13) Joe Melberg 14) Robert Gay 15) Darryl Perry 16) Mike LeFort 17) Scott Serydynski 18) Doug Rioux 19) Chris DeMoura 20) Jimmy Belmont DQ) Bob Bettencourt Jr.

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