2013 Pure Stocks: Pure Excitement

2013 Pure Stocks: Pure Excitement



One of the most exciting classes at Seekonk is the Pure Stocks. Over the past several seasons, we have seen some of the best two and three wide racing anywhere.

Defending champion Jesse Melberg is loaded for bear, as the target on him got bigger and bigger over the winter. And why not? 6 wins over the season and a dominating performance to the title. But all of those wins weren’t him going out and dominating. Some of them came from others making a wrong decision, and him making the right one. With the field of cars out there, it only takes one bad decision to benefit someone else.

John Robidoux was his closest competitor on many weeks, and with a little more luck on his side, he would have made the chase go down to the final laps. A re-do on the mount over the winter and he will be in the hunt once again.

Jamie Salley had his most competitive season yet, and finished third in the final standings. He seemed closer to contention, and with just that little something that he is missing, and he can be the one everyone is chasing.

After the way 2011 ended, 2012 was a redemption season for Earl Curtin III. He kept the car in one piece, and picked up a comeback win. He continues to get smoother and smoother on the track. Watch out for him.

Chris Lima had by far, the fastest car over the final few weeks. He picked up a couple of wins and was in the hunt when he didn’t. Mechanical gremlins were the downfall of Chris for the first half of the season, but once he got those straightened out, he was on fire.

These are just the top five that we have talked about. Don’t forget Amy Arsenault. The young lady is the daughter of a 3 time Street Stock champion, and the wife of a former (maybe again) driver, and her consistency keeps her battling for wins.

Joe Fortin returns for a second season, and driving a former championship car. With a season of competition completed, he can only get better and better.

Tom Blackwell broke through for his first win. Getting the first one is one of the hardest things to do. Now that he has popped through that, watch out.

Ed Flanagan Jr will be back full time. He picked up the former Randy Moretti #5, and is renewed. Ed has won, so he knows how. His new ride is a winning car. All he needs to do is find that formula to put it together.

Jamie Burch is on the verge of victory, just needs to get rid of the bad luck that has plagued him. Doug Benoit is another that always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2013 will prove to be another exciting season for the Pure Stocks. Just be sure not to get up to go to the bathroom during their events. You just might meet something exciting.

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