Tom Scully Jr, Dylan Estrella, Steve Axon and Mike Cavallaro start September with wins at Seekonk.

Tom Scully, Jr. and Kevin Folan traded some paint on the front row of the Pro Stock feature at the outset and Scully came off the outside of the front row to lead polesitter Folan.  Tom ran off to the lead and none could pass for the rest of the forty lap feature.  Folan tried to overhaul for 21 laps before points leader Dave Darling moved up from mid-pack to take over the pursuit.  Though he spent many laps on Scully’s rear bumper looking for any and all opportunities to get into the lead, he was denied entry, ending in the runner-up’s spot.  Ryan Vanasse worked his way past Folan for third, Folan held fourth and Mike Brightman rounded out the top five.

Scully made a perfect evening of it, Leading Fred Astle and Tom Scully, Sr. across the line in the preliminary heat.

Tom, Jr. went wheel-to-wheel with Polesitter Kevin Folan, but by the end of lap one, had his nose to the front.  The two leaders banged and swapped paint through early action, but Scully had the lead at their first pass on the starting stripe.  Kyle Casper looked under Folan and Dick Houlihan moved outside for a three-wide, but Folan survived, holding the position.  By lap five, Scully led Folan, Houlihan, Casper, Vanasse and Dave Darling, charging up from his twelfth place starting slot.

As Scully pulled ahead, Darling went to work outside Vanasse, but had Houlihan outside Casper ahead of him.  He had, however, moved past Vanasse by lap ten.  Houlihan, holding third, shut out Darling, who was attempting to get around. And Vanasse got by Casper for fifth.

Scully began hitting lapped traffic on the tenth circuit but continued to move away from Folan.  However, in the open air, Folan was not as easy to dismiss and whittled down the lead.

Kevin Casper got together with John Berchem and spun up to a light contact with the wall.  He was able to drive away and finish the 40 laps.

The restart saw Folan outside Scully with Darling and Vanasse behind them.  Houlihan and Kyle were the third row.  Scully went to the front while Darling surged forward under Folan; he began to close on the leader as Vanasse came up behind Folan.

Brightman had started eighth and now moved under Houlihan for fifth.  Scully, Sr. moved in behind Houlihan after getting by Kenny Spencer.  Brightman closed in on Folan’s bumper and began looking for a way around, but Folan held fast to fourth place.

The race became a series of parade laps, as the positions had settled in for the finish with ten circuits remaining.  As they wound down, Vanasse arrived on Darling’s bumper but there was no time left to work his way past.

Rounding out the top ten were Houlihan, Tom Scully, Sr., Craig Weinstein, Fred Astle and Kyle Casper.

Dylan Estrella came out to run hard and hard he ran:  lap after lap he was outside leader Scott Dion, challenging, challenging, finally edging ahead into the lead as a parade went by underneath Dion, who had led lap after lap.  Last week’s winner Bill Bernard roared past Gerry DeGasparre, Jr. to Estrella’s back bumper and  you couldn’t put a piece of paper between the two cars as the final laps wound down with Bernard trying every trick in the book on the leader. But Estrella was pedal to the metal and straight as an arrow all the way through to the checkers, denying Bernard a chance at two wins in a row.  In the championship points contest, Gerry DeGasparre, who saw Bobby Pelland III ease him out of his season-long leadership position, powered in for third place with Pelland on his tail.  Only a point or two remains between the leaders. Dion rounded out the top five, just ahead of heavy points challenger Jeramee “the Hammer” Lillie.

Estrella started fifth on the field, behind polesitter Danny Thibeault and David Hutchins, Jr.  Dion held outside pole.  He jumped past Thibeault and Hutch got under into second. Thibeault held on outside as Estrella went underneath.  By now, Dion was cruising 8 cars ahead of the pack as Estrella began closing on Hutch.

Lap 8 saw Thibeault get into the back of The Hammer and both cars spun, sending Thibeault to the pits for quick repairs.  Estrella sat behind Dion for the restart with Pelland on his shoulder and quickly moved under Hutchins on the green. Bernard, restarting outside DeGasparre in the third line, powered ahead of the defending champ.  In the scramble, there was contact between Pelland and DeGasparre.  Both drivers worked miraculous saves, but Bernard went to fourth and Pelland to sixth.

By lap 16, Estrella was on Dion’s bumper with Bernard closing quickly.  But Greg Cotter looped out of four down the frontstretch.  The Hammer was called for the assist.

Estrella was outside Dion for the restart, and the came out door-to-door.  Estrella began edging ahead but Dion gave ground grudgingly.  They dueled for five laps before Estrella took the spot.  Bernard followed as did DeGasparre.  Dion dropped in ahead of Pelland.

Lap thirty had Bernard knocking on Estella’s door while DeGasparre and Pelland were engaged a couple cars back.  With five to go, Bernard had tried everything on Estrella and was trying again.

Lap 38 had Bernard looking under with no success but now DeGasparre was on his bumper and looking to the outside.  But the laps wound down and Estrella had his second win of 2012;  Bernard grabbed second giving him two seconds and a win over the past three weeks.

Rounding out the top ten were Lillie, Hutchins, Derryk Anderson, Thibeault and Cotter.

Mike Cavallaro and Nick Uhrig slugged it out door-to-door for the final laps while Rick Martin hung on Cavallaro’s tail for any opportunity in Labor Day weekend Sport Trucks action.  Back and forth the lead whipsawed, Mike holding the low groove as Uhrig powered up the outside both watching warily while Martin knocked their rear bumper.  Down the backstretch of the white flag lap they flew, with Uhrig gaining a yard of lead and Martin looking underneath Cavallaro.  Out of turn four, they all roared and suddenly Uhrig’s back tires lost a bit of their purchase on the asphalt.  His nose swung down into Cavallaro’s, knocking the latter lower into the groove deterring Martin’s determined assault down the inside.  The contact muted Martin’s charge and kept Uhrig from looping into the frontstretch.  Cavallaro squirted loose to the front and across the stripe for a huge win as Uhrig fought control back into his vehicle for a second place finish; Martin roared across for third. All three cars finished within .194 seconds of each other.  Barry Shaw crossed in fourth and John Paiva made it to the top five; only .883 seconds back in a margin between all five competitors that you couldn’t slide a sheet of paper between.

Uhrig had led 22 of the 25 laps enroute to the checkers, fighting it out most of the way with a determined Paiva.  He jumped off the pole leaving the outside man Ed Gannon as Anna Gregoire hung on from low on the second row while Paiva moved ahead on the outside.  Gregoire, coming off her best finish, second to Scott Dion in the heat, spun out of turn four on the initial lap.  She cleared up the track while the rest of the field managed to avoid collisions and was able to recover and the race continued without caution.

Gannon pursued the leader with Paiva, followed by Cavallaro, Barry Shaw and Darrel Church in close pursuit.  Paiva was under Gannon to second on the fourth circuit, Cavallaro on his tail.  Shaw followed through to fourth.  By lap seven, these remained the top five competitors, with Church, Martin and Scott Dion behind them.  Martin picked his way under Dion, as Paiva handed Uhrig a couple bumper shots and Cavallaro in turn closed on his tailgate.  Shaw wheeled in behind them.

Martin began to show his teeth, getting under Church and then Gannon, as the latter slid up the track, opening a doorway.  He began to close on Shaw.

A lap 18 spin saw Dane Saritelli loop out turn one, bringing a lap 17 restart and closing up the field.  Uhrig and Paiva lined up with Cavallaro and Martin behind them.  Uhrig went to the front and Cavallaro tried under Paiva but was fought off as Paiva went up alongside the leader.  Paiva remained on the high side, duking it out with Uhrig until the combat eased them up out of the groove allowing Cavallaro to sneak underneath with Martin clinging to his bumper, Paiva falling back to his outside.

Cavallaro nosed ahead in lap 22, but Uhrig fought back outside with Martin seeking any chance.  He nosed under Cavallaro to have the door slammed in his face until the field wound into the final turns of the final lap.   Sixth through tenth on the evening went to Dion, Church, Gannon, Chris Igo, Jr. and Dave Haywood.

Former Street Stock champion Steve Axon put together a dominant race, holding off challenges from Bobby Bettencourt all the way through the several restarts of the feature.  Axon went to the front out of turn two on each resetting and Bettencourt could only watch Axon’s rear bumper move away.  Gerard Berthelette battled Crystal Serydynski through the middle of the race, but survived for a third.  Scott Serydynski worked his way to the fourth position with Crystal rounding out the top five.

Axon, starting third, was under outside polesitter Patrick Delaney on the start with Crystal following  him into third by lap 3.    Caution came out as Chris DeMoura had a tire go down spinning him in turn two.  DeMoura and Bettencourt face off on the restart with Crystal and Delaney behind them.

Axon went to the front and Bettencourt settled in followed by Serydynski, Delaney and Gerard Berthelette and Smokin’ Joe Kohler.  But Kohler began to have problems and began falling back.  By lap 10, Dion led Bettencourt, Crystal, Berthelette, Delaney, Scott Bruneau and the furiously debating Scott Serydynski and Ryan Lineham.  Lineham was trying to work his patented outside moves on Scott, but the latter continued to deny him.   When Scott went to the outside for the pass on Bruneau, Lineham grabbed Bruneau’s back bumper.

By lap fifteen, Axon was holding a 20 car lead when Kohler’s problems morphed into a broken axle and he ground to a halt on the frontstretch.  On the restart, Axon again got away from Bettencourt.  Berthelette went outside Crystal for third and Scott fastened on to his tail.

With four to go, Axon had a five-car lead on Bettencourt, Berthelette, Scott and Crystal.  Delaney and Lineham were swapping sixth and seventh.  With two to go, Axon continued to pull away, coming home for the victory.

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