Brandon Martinez grabbed another win on the waning Legends season, taking over the front from Brandon Hammann midway through the race. At the finish, he had to hold off a hard-charging Jesse Jakubajtys before he could claim the win. Jakubajtys finished second while Derek Gluchacki, Reagan Parent and Kevin Nowak rounded out the top five.
Hammann took the front from the pole, outrunning Andrew Kun from the line. Parent tried to get under them but couldn’t get through. Joe DeRensis spun out of turn four and back into the wall for a glancing blow but was able to drive away.

The full race restart saw Hamman pull away again and again Parent looked under but the door closed. But he was able to hold on low and Kun faded leaving LeBrun in second.

Jakubajtys had come up and passed Shileigh Martinez into fourth. She was not deterred and forged ahead, by Connor Holderbach and Jakubajtys into third. Jakubajtys was fourth with Holderbach, Joe Marfeo and Nowak following.
Another lap and Shileigh was past parent into second behind brother Brandon. He had a 12-car lead. Jakubajtys, running third behind Parent, let himself get wide and Marfeo squeezed in underneath. Shileigh was closing on Brandon as Scott Serydynski, Jr. spun in turn one.

On the restart, Adam Avedisian and Holderback piled together, collecting Eric LeBrun, who went off on the hook. The field was red-flagged to allow safety crews to extricate Avedisian and Holderbach from turn two.

After a long cleanup, Brandon and Shileigh lined up for the restart. Brandon nosed ahead, and Shileigh powered up to challenge. Coming out of turn two, her tires lost grip, perhaps due to their cooling off in the long red flag, and she nosed down, collecting Parent. This put her into a spin and she got sideways. Marfeo came in under speed and had nowhere to go. He piled into her. Marfeo was able to complete the feature, but Shileigh retired to the pits after 21 of the 25 laps.


Brandon now had Jakubajtys on his outside with Parent and Nowak behind. Gluchacki and Luke LeBrun followed in row three. Race control ruled a single-file restart and it took two tries as Bobby DeSimone spun on the first try. Second time, Brandon came off the line in the lead and Jakubajtys went to his bumper, then looked to the outside. He dropped low but couldn’t get under.

They ran for the checkers with Jakubajtys all over Martinez’ bumper as Gluchacki battled past Parent into third. Martinez was able hold off the charging Jakubajtys for the win.

Sixth went to Luke LeBrun, followed by Mason Levesque, Hammann, Trent Goodrow and Joe Marfeo.