Alexander Manuel came from six rows back, powered up to the front on lap six, then ran at the front to the checkers in a Sport Four race that went caution free. The feature too just five-and-a-half minutes to run its 20 laps, and Manuel managed the top lap time, coming in at 68.57 mph. It was a top night for Manuel, who had run a close second the week previous.

Arthur Meack and Tim Bolger, Jr. led off from the front with Meack taking the lead but coming loose out of turn one, going uptrack and Bolger zoomed under for some door-to-door until taking the lead on the backstretch of lap two.
Meack settled in behind, with Samantha Mattera, Chirstine Simpson and Cliff Avila giving chase. Suddenly, they were five-wide down the front stretch of lap four, which did not last more than a few seconds. Manuel had made the most of it, coming all the way up to second as Bolger held a six-car lead. Meack followed Manuel with Mattera on his bumper. She was quickly past into third.

By lap 6, Manuel hand narrowed Bolger’s lead to just a single length and ran up to his bumper in turn two. He went to the outside then dropped under in turn four and they came door-to-door across the stripe. He grabbed the front in turn one of lap seven and Bolger dropped in behind in front of Mattera. Simpson and Meack pursued.

Manuel’s lead was three cars on the next circuit. He pushed it out to a half-straight by lap 13. Lap 15 saw the same with Bolger, Mattera, Simpson and Avila in that order. Mattera dived under Bolger and they battled, but Mattera was able to take second away. Now Manuel’s lead was a complete straight. Chirs Pacheco had come up to get between Mattera and Avila, while Christine Cavallaro pulled into seventh behind Avila.

David Westgate came up to edge Joey Morissette out of eighth and get onto Cavallaro’s bumper. Michael Glad followed Westgate into ninth.
At the checkers, it was Manuel claiming the trophy, two-and-a-half seconds ahead of Mattera, who was followed by Bolger, Simpson, Pacheco and Avila. Cavallaro ran seventh, followed by Glen Leduc, Westgate, Glad, Mike Lefort and Jordan Lopes.