Over this past week, there was a discussion online where someone mentioned that there was only one real groove for racing. I disagreed with him, because I had seen some great side by side racing over the past few weeks, in all divisions. This past Saturday night, the drivers proved me correct.

The Sport Trucks had some great side by side racing, and when Mike Duarte used the outside lane, I felt better about my defense of the speedway. Then the Sportsman division reiterated the fact that there is a second groove. Then the Pro Stocks hammered the fact home, with Ryan Vanasse taking the lead winding up the outside.
The action on the track was second to none. The Modifieds usually excite the crowd, but it was, in my eyes, the local divisions that showed the action on the track. With extra eyes on them from visiting guests, they put their best foot forward and ran some of the best racing possible.

There was a lot of give, and very little take. Not to say it was perfect, but it was very impressive.
The Exit Realty Modified Touring Series invaded our home track this past Saturday, with 25 cars taking the green flag in a 125 lap main event. While Tommy Barret dominated the event, and the only real challenges he received all night was from the restarts, it was a very exciting event.

You can read the results elsewhere, but what I wanted to talk about is how impressed with the tire that they are running.
Hoosier has been the major tire supplier to modifieds for over a decade, since Goodyear pulled out from the modifieds. The MRS, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, Race of Champions Modifieds and even the Tri Track Open Modified Series all use the Hoosier brand, even if the compounds are different between the different series.

The MTS is running an American Racer tire, that was introduced a couple of years ago, trying to get onto one of the major tours. While that didn’t happen, the MTS decided to go with the American Racer after several tire tests.
What impressed me about a tire? And can it really make that much of a difference? Well, yes it can. Tommy Barret has become infamous over the years with his strategy. Lay back for about half the race, make a pit stop to swap the right side tires, then blister through the field, trying to win. It has worked for him many times.

With this tire package, Tommy started on the pole and dominated the entire race. More impressive with that, was the fact that his lap times did not drop off from the drop of the green to the wave of the checkered.

The racing behind the leader was phenomenal. Side by side racing from second through the field. It truly was a great race. And, a great tune up for Open Wheel Wednesday, which is just about 16 days away.

There are 50 cars registered for the 14th annual OWW, on June 28th. FIFTY of the best modified drivers from the northeast. Champions, winners, young guns and everything else in between will invade the Action Track of the East. You have to go back to the old Thompson 300 to see a field of that magnitude.

When was the last time you saw that many cars in the pits for one race? I can’t remember. We have come close over the last couple of years with this event. We may hit that this year.

Not to be outshone, the annual Boston Louie Memorial for the NEMA Midgets and NEMA Lites will be held on this night, which may put over 75 cars in the pit area for the three division cars. You can’t beat that at all.

For the second week in a row, it rained on Fast Friday. For the second week in a row, it slowed us down, but didn’t knock us out. We started late, and finished late this past Friday, but the important thing is we finished.

Perfect? Hell no. Full moon, a lot of waiting, an hour plus delay before opening ceremonies, the first real warm day in a while and a great field of cars in all the divisions all rolled into one.

From here, we get the procedures down better as officials so the show for the fans is better. We educate the drivers, the teams, the families on what we are trying to do. Once everyone is all on the same page, our Fast Friday program will fly right by.

Do you enjoy getting a chance to get up close and personal with the drivers that compete here? Do you like to get up close and personal with the race cars that compete here? Do you like autographs? Would you like the chance to put it all together and get all of that in one shot? Here’s your chance. On this Saturday, our first of two meet and greets with the stars and cars goes trackside before the racing begins.

In addition to that, the annual Brad Scott Memorial rolls onto the track with the first round of the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown event for the Pro Stocks. It’s also the last chance for Pro Stock competitors to get ready for the Granite State Pro Stock Series appearance on the 24th.

Let’s see, 75 lap Pro Stock main event on the 17th, Granite State Pro Stocks on the 24th, Open Wheel Wednesday on the 28th, Independence Day celebration on July 1st, the 2nd annual Pro Stock/Super Late Model Nationals on Wednesday July 12th, Fast Friday racing weekly and more. What more could you ever ask for from a short track?

Check it all out. Come on down and don’t forget to bring a friend.