Looking back, the Sport 4 division has quite possibly been the class that has grown the most in the last few years. When it first began, Taylor Therrien was the only car out on the track. However, as we roll into the 2017 season, we can expect nearly a full field each and every Friday night at the track with over 40 cars registered already.

Defending division champion Mike Belanger has decided to move on from the division and it will open the door wide open for new challengers to rise to the top. Leading the list is former champion David Westgate Jr., who knows how to get the job done. Westgate didn’t run as well as he wanted to last season, but in 2015 he dominated the division. He will be back for another solid season and will be a threat for the title.

Behind Westgate, names like Christine Cavallaro and Chris Pacheco seem to be drivers that are ready to breakout into championship form. Pacheco won races last year and had a quick car every week, while Cavallaro continues to come inches away from visiting victory lane. Both drivers are due for a good season and 2017 could be their time.

Names like Glen Leduc, Mike LeFort, Mike Glad, Jordan Lopes and Jason Poitras also seem to be drivers that could contend for the championship this season. Many of them have already visited victory lane in their career and Poitras was one of the fastest cars each week down the stretch of last season in his Bill Prisco prepared No. 79. Prisco hit the numbers right late in the season and allowed Poitras to show some talent behind the wheel. Leduc and Glad are teammates and veterans, while LeFort and Lopes are coming back with something to prove. 

Rookie contenders for this season include former SYRA competitor Timmy Ouelette, who has visited victory lane multiple times behind the wheel of his SYRA ride and will look to get used to a new division.

The next generation of Casper drivers will also hit the Sport 4 class in 2017, with Kevin’s son Kamryn getting set for action in car No. 48. She will be joined by Alexandra Lille, Samantha Mattera and many others as female drivers in a competitive class.

The Sport 4 division has continued to have growth over the last few years and the 2017 season should be no different. Expect multiple winners, multiple challengers and a deserving champion at the end of the stretch.