Perhaps some of the most intense racing we saw during last season’s Fast Friday races came as part of the Nick’s Pit Stop Legends. With our regular drivers going against some of the invaders from around the region, the drivers have been putting on some great racing in their 25 lap main events.

The 2016 division champion Jake Johnson has moved up to the Late Model class for this year, so a new champion will be crowned and by the looks of the entry lists, we may have a brand new Seekonk champion on the head table at the end of the year.

The one former Seekonk champion that is entered to this point is defending Pure Stock champion Andrew Kun, who will go about his rookie campaign in the class behind the wheel of his No. 88. Kun has never driven something like the Legend Car and he will definitely have an adaption process, but expect him to be a quick study.

Multiple returning challengers from last season are going to be returning in hopes of putting themselves at the top of the pack. Derek Gluchacki is back for another year, along with Brendon Hammann. Both of these drivers — along with Joshua Parsons are some of the top young talent that the division has to offer and all have improved drastically since the first time they sat behind the wheel.

The Packard brothers are planning on making another run at winning some races this season as well. Brandon was strong at the end of last season and gave everyone a run for their money down the stretch run. Nick has continued to improve and will be hoping to gain some consistency this season.

Names like Chris Robbins and Brandon “Batman” Martinez are also returning to the class as veterans for this year. Batman has been busy with school over at Roger Williams University, but is expected to compete for many of the races during the summer months. Robbins has struggled with consistency, but is hoping he can use his speed to run well this year.

Other names like Colin Haley, Marissa Plante, Reagan Parent, Jess O’Leary, Joey Lembo and Joey Marfeo are also welcomed back into the class. Ryan Kuhn, a multiple time winner from 2016, is moving to the Late Model class but will also run a few Legends races along the way.

As always, multiple outside invaders are expected to compete in the division as part of the INEX sanction!