Open Wheel Wednesday Lap Sponsors

Open Wheel Wednesday. The Long Island Mod Maniac and The Racing Guys are raising Bonus money to support Open Modified Racing at Seekonk and Star. the Laps are on sale for $50 each. .  LAP MONEY WILL BE DONE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT for the Seekonk show. As you know, it’s going to be a $1000 to start show. The “lap money” will be pooled together, and we will take that $5000 and have a non qualifiers race.

Open Wheel Wednesday Modified Race Bonus Money

1The Racing Guys51Billy Flynn & Leffingwell Pools
2Seekonk Grand Prix52Seekonk Grand Prix
3Wayne Anderson Racing53J&R Precast
4PLP Sealcoating54J&R Precast
5Seekonk Grand Prix55Northern Race Tire
6 In Honor of all our Racing heroes - New England Motor Racing Supply & Leffingwell Pools56Sponsor This Lap!
7Tommy Baldwin Racing57BC Brennenstuhl
8The Racing Guys58BC Brennenstuhl
9Linda and Wayne Coats59Hirschman's Cellar Dwellers
10Jim Verge in memory of the Eastern Bandit, Ed Flemke Sr60Hirschman's Cellar Dwellers
11Phil Smith in memory of Fred Desaro /Dan Furst and Green House Landscaping 61Wheelock's Auto Group
12Mod #12 Vasco's Snow Removal62Pat's Auto Center, Westerly RI
13Andrew Truchinskas /Joe Kendall/ Joker Racing Team/Speedway Line Report Radio 63Pat's Auto Center, Westerly RI
14Weymouth Bank 64Pat's Auto Center, Westerly RI
15Wayne Anderson Racing65Pat's Auto Center, Westerly RI
16Sponsor This Lap!66Algie Graffam Jr, in honor of his buddy Austin Kochenash
17Charlie McGowan67Kevin "Bono" Manion
18SAP Enterprises68Kevin "Bono" Manion
19Fran Trautman and grandkids 69In Memory of Frankie "Edwards" Anyzeski
20Charlie McGowan/ Speedway Line Report Radio/ Cliff Nelson Motorsports70Good Luck from Rockingham Boat
21Spafco Racing Chasis / spafco.com71LJ Alaimo
22Chad C. Freeman "Best Damn Attorney in NC" 72Dick Williams in memory of Bill Slater
23Mike & Lisa Chapman73Pat's Auto Center & Terry Battle
24Gary Laro at "Powderkeg Powdercoating" - (603) 892-8019- "Good luck to Mike Douglas Jr. #23"74Dick Williams in memory of Bill Slater
25Ed St Germain @ Top Shelf Web Design75Valenti Family of Dealerships -
26In memory of Fred Snape from Golden Goose Ent., C & J Snape76APE - Ashaway Performance Engines
27Wilkenson Tool & Die77You don't get a trophy for just showing up - New England Motor Racing Supply
28Jim Perry78 Ed French Paving, Westerly, RI
29Thank You Long Island Mod Maniac from Chris Buchman79 Ed French Paving, Westerly, RI
30Sponsor This Lap!80 Ed French Paving, Westerly, RI
31$100 Joe Kendall/ Joker Racing Team & Cathy Moniz81 Ed French Paving, Westerly, RI
32Sponsor This Lap!82 Ed French Paving, Westerly, RI
33Sponsor This Lap!83Gary Noe -GN Auto Core 607-321-9904
34Sponsor This Lap!84Red Roof Inn
35Jim Verge in honor of Ken Bouchard85Red Roof Inn
36MyRaceNews.com86Vic Lenda Jr
37Mike Chapman87Northern Race Tire
38Northern Tire/ Hoosier Tire East88In Support of Jim Boniface and Family -Rev Scott RWJM / Northern Tire/ Hoosier Tire East
39Northern Tire/ Hoosier Tire East89Weymouth Bank /Northern Tire/ Hoosier Tire East
40Valenti Family of Dealerships - www.bobvalenti.com90Cliff Nelson Racing
41Richard Johnson in memory of Si. Johnson91Steve Mendoza
42Sponsor This Lap!92Nocella Paving of Woburn, MA
43Jim Verge in honor of Bill Greco93In memory of Jimmy Fournier & Lenny Boehler -
44Matthew Gilbert in honor of Reggie Ruggierio94Waddell Communications
45Bradford Motor Annex, Bradford, RI95Waddell Communications
46Bradford Motor Annex, Bradford, RI96Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists 617-770-0629
47Bradford Motor Annex, Bradford, RI & Spaulding's Tire and Auto Maintenance in memory of Scott Spaulding 97Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists 617-770-0629
48Bradford Motor Annex, Bradford, RI98James Osterhoudt, in honor of the great Ron Narducci
49Bradford Motor Annex, Bradford, RI99"1 to Go" Good Luck!- New England Motor Racing Supply
50Debbie Horn /Nu-Way Racing100The Racing Guys / Long Island Mod Maniac